Coltrane’s Genius Blues Approach is Crazy simple

Coltranes blues sound is so powerful because of the simplicity and how Coltrane applies his lines to the blues.
Begin using these Coltrane short blues phrases to build your own blues phrases.

50+ pages full exercises and licks
-Coltrane short blues licks
-Short licks blues etudes
-all exercises and licks are transposed to all 12 keys
+ all lesson examples are transposed to the Tenor, Alto, Concert keys and bass clef.

In this tutorial
00:00 Coltrane’s Genius Blues Approach is Crazy simple
00:24 Simplicity and Clarity – only chord notes
01:44 Creativity – invert and mix up licks
03:16 Practice to play from all chord tones
03:11 Sonny Rollins II-V-I lick
03:50 Play musically – listen carefully
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