23 functional major scale exercises + 46 example licks on how to apply


23 functional major scale exercises
+ 46 example licks on how to apply
8 pages full of great inspirational material.

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Get more out of your practice time by practicing what you play

Are you used to train lots of technique?
Are you playing technique exercises you can apply to your playing?
Is your technique training separated from you actual music making?

Technique is important when you play an instrument.
But you need to apply your technique to your playing.
Use  your time well and play functional technique exercises.

Connecting your technique practice with musical function makes it easier to use your technique in your playing.
When you are practicing your technique using this method, you are not only training your fingers, but also practicing how to add this directly to musical ideas. 

The “23 functional major scale exercises  + 46 example licks on how to apply” 
is a collection of tweaked scale exercises taken through the major scale.
With this method you play exercises which fits into your playing and soloing.
The focus of these exercises are arpeggios and arpeggios combined with scale runs.

Train your technique this way and be sure to both get great technical skills but also get great musical melody lines.
Apply this directly to your playing now!

Every scale exercise is built from “normal” scale exercises and tweaked into great jazz lines which fit on all steps of the scale.
Added to all scale exercises are two examples licks on how to use the exercise in your playing.

Get better technique while getting better vocabulary

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