Bebop practice manual – chromatic surrounding notes – scale exercises and licks


Bebop practice manual –
Chromatic surrounding notes – scale exercises and licks

8 pages packed with exercises, lines and licks
Add to your vocabulary now!

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Are you a bebop fan?
Do you like the playing of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillispie?
Do you like  chromatic playing and the great leading tones?

The bebop manual concentrating on the chromatic surrounding notes is for you

The focus is on the chromatic surrounding notes and how this works in jazz lines.
You get 5 pages of exercises applying the chromatic exercises.
The exercises spell out how you use the chromatic surrounding note on all steps of the major scale.
Further is added how the chromatic surrounding notes fit in short one bar lines.

Three pages full with II-V-I licks using mainly the chromatic surrounding notes.
Here you also find how you can split up the two surrounding notes and add more or less surrounding notes. 

The chromatic surrounding notes circles the target note and gives you a double leading effect.
Being able to use chromatic surrounding notes will give you flexibility in your playing.
You will get many more ways how you can resolve chords in a progression in many more ways. 

Chromatic surrounding notes – both nice and really far out stuff!

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