Pentatonics manual vol. 1


Pentatonics manual vol. 1
12 keys chord scale relation, exercises + licks and jazz lines

11 pages full inspirational jazz lines
Add to your vocabulary now!

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Do you like a modern jazz sound?
Are Michael Brecker, Bob Berg, Chris Potter and John Coltrane among your saxophone idols?
Is pentatonics something that sound interesting?

Get pentatonic playing into you playing – learning in the fast track.

The Pentatonic manual vol. 1 is both a practice manual, but also a reference guide.
All 12 keys chord scale-relations are mentioned for the normal minor pentatonic scale.

One section covers the best pentatonic scale exercises which you can easily transpose to all keys.

The last part is three pages full pentatonic scale licks applied to different highly usable chord progressions. 

Using pentatonics gives a really specific sound to your music.
Use this as an effect or integrate this into your lines and playing as you wish.
Look up the chords in the music you play and see directly which pentatonic scale is fitting the chord in the chord scale relationship overview in all 12 keys. 

The exercises are taken out of existing jazz lines and are highly usable in your own playing.

Compare the premade lines and licks. Copy them to your own playing or take what you need and apply it.

Get into the pentatonic sound!

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