Why is the Gm7 in a II-V-I with an E and not and Eb?

In the video tutorial approach and surrounding notes – https://youtu.be/atrxDFfOEng

I describe approach and surrounding notes on a Gm7 chord as a part of the II-V-I in F major. 

The Gm7 I mention in my video is the second degree of the scale – because of the function in the progression where I use it – the II-V-I.

This means that the Gm7 is taken out of F major.

Commonly, when the minor chord has a tonic function in music, the minor chord is the VI degree of the major scale – Gm7 would then be in the scale of Bb and indeed with a Eb.

You can check this video on the II-V-I to get more knowledge of the II-V-I.

The key is not F major, but I am sure this will help you.

Analyze and recognize the II-V-I – know your theory and apply it + two basic II-V-I licks

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