Workshop – easy and simple improvisation – pentatonics

Workshop – easy and simple improvisation – pentatonics – by Søren Ballegaard

time: 2½ hours incl. a small break

who: if you have knowledge of simple scales such as pentatonic scales and major scales it is fine but not a must.

instrument: all instruments – bring your own instrument!

group size: 6-12

Would you like to be a better musical improviser, do you want to be able to play along simple tunes and classics on youtube or the top 2000 of all times, do you want access to a method where you easily can begin to improvise?
In this workshop we start on simple improvisation. We begin with easy grooves, ryhtms and notes. We are going to expand the material to simple scales like the pentatonic scales, learn how to recognize these in a tune, how to improvise with these and how to get through a tune sounding good improvising. We will explore different styles and find out how the music, the groove and the scales fit each other.
We will learn the easiest way to practise this through play along tracks and written out exercises.
In and after the workshop you will get all the material, which have been mentioned in the workshop, on pdf and download links to the play along tracks + examples used. In this way it is easy to go on with the good practise at home.

Do you want more information, do you have any questions, do you want a private lesson/skype lesson, please do not hesitate to contact me: +31 (0) 6 24284275 /