Workshop – easy and simple improvisation – diatonic playing

Workshop – easy and simple improvisation – diatonic playing – by Søren Ballegaard

time: 2½ uur incl. a small break

who: knowledge of major scales is a must

instrument: all instruments – bring your own instrument!

group size: 6-12

Diatonic playing – one of the easiest ways to improvise on a tune.
Diatonic means inside the scale or inside the key. In this workshop the focus will be on major and minor scales and how to use these when you are inprovising without much extra outside the main scales.
We will work with jazz music and are going through some simple jazzstandards. You will learn how to recognice the key in which a tune is written, the different scales and how to play a simpel but good solo on the tunes.
You will get all the material which have been mentioned in the workshop on pdfs with play along tracks so its easy to go on with the good practise at home.

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