How to reach your saxophone practice goals the best and fastest way

It is very important to learn the best way you can learn.
It is not important if you use much time or less time to practice.

The time spent is not important – only your inspiration, motivation and your progress. A structured, but flexible learning path is the fastest way to learn.

In this video I will take you through the three pillars of fast learning – Technique, creativity and performance.

In this tutorial
Why do you need three steps of learning
What is the three pillars of fast learning
How to practice using the three pillars of fast learning
Basic chords
More on practice ideas and inspiration
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My setup:
Video camera:
Music notation software –
2x computer monitor –
Mini keyboard for music notation –
Tenor saxophone: Selmer MKVI 82xxx
mouthpiece is an old Otto Link Babbit – refaced from opening 6 to opening 8/8,5
Alto – The Martin Alto
Soprano – Yanagisawa Elimona
Tenor reeds
Alto reeds –
Soprano reeds –
Saxophone strap –
Alto mouthpiece –
Soprano mouthpiece –
Alto Ligature –
Tenor Saxophone Case –
Alto Saxophone Case –