Melodic Hooks Will Make Your Solos 10x Better

It is all about playing beautiful melodies when soloing.
But how do you get to the point where you actually do play beautiful melodies, how do you keep playing beautiful melodies and how do you develop these into amazing solos.
Here is how to play and practice melodies and melodic hooks.

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In this tutorial
00:00 Master Melodic Hooks
01:11 Melodic Hook Definition
02:00 Stan Getz Perfect Improvised Hook
02:27 Melodic Hooks In Jazz Solos
04:04 The Main Features Of Hooks
04:35 Stan Getz Hook On Take The A-train
05:31 Keep The Hook Simple
06:34 Jos Henderson Outside Melodic Hooks
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My setup:
Tenor saxophone: Selmer MKVI 82xxx
mouthpiece is an old Otto Link Babbit – refaced from opening 6 to opening 8/8,5
Alto – The Martin Alto
Soprano – Yanagisawa Elimona