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Tier 20 Patreon Access

Consider joining me on Tier 20 on Patreon.

You will get access to almost unlimited amounts of material. 
This includes of course the weekly video lesson transcriptions and the 50+ manual with extra exercises.

But you also gain access to more than 1000+ pages of solo manuals and exercise PDF books in this list.
All on tier 20
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Full solo manual – Autumn Leaves

Full solo manual – Blue Bossa

Full solo manual – Pent Up House – for both Alto and Tenor

Full solo manual – Perdido – for both Alto and Tenor

Full solo manual – Take The A-train – for both Alto and Tenor

Full solo manual – There Will Never Be Another You

Full solo manual – Rhythm Changes

Full solo manual – Blues in concert, alto and tenor key

Solo transcription – Blue Bossa – diatonic chord and scale solo

Solo transcription – On the sunny side of the street – diatonic chord and scale solo

Pentatonic manual vol.1

Bebop practice manual – chromatic surrounding notes – exercises and licks

The overtone manual – exercises and licks Get better control

23 functional major scale exercises + 46 example licks on how to apply

Train your rhythm feel – exercises exploring quarter note and eight notes phrases

60 scale patterns on functional harmony + 20 II-V-I licks using scale patterns

64 ways to play a Cmaj chord + 20 I-V-I-V licks to be played on Rhythm Changes

50 shades of Blues – dominant seven building blocks and 20 I-IV dominant lines

20 basic minor II-V-I building blocks + 20 basic minor II-V-I licks – by Søren Ballegaard

32 chromatic approach note bulding blocks + 20 II-V-I using chromaticism

3 of the greatest bebop licks and 100 ways to practise and use them

18 musical scale exercises applied to the major scale+examples licks on how to use

32 chromatic bebop approach note structures and 20 chromatic bebop

64 minor + alternate minor chord building blocks + 24 II-V-I lines using alternate minor

64 ways to play a Cmaj chord + 20 I-V-I-V licks to be played on Rhythm Changes

74 one bar tritone substitute dominant lines + 20 II-V-I

Add ons for minor chord solos – minor 6, minor 9, minor major, dominant 7(b9)

Beginning the blues with one pentatonic scale

Blues licks and scales compendium

Chord note solo manual – effortless soloing using only chord notes

Chord pattern exercise manual – basic 7th chords of the major scale

Coltrane basic pattern practise module – major 9 – minor 9 – dominant 9 chords

Dominant chord and scale alteration manual – b9 and b13

Jazz Improvisation step 1 – the chords – blues in C

Jazz improvisation step 2 – from chords to scales – tenor and alto

Play great melodies toolbook

The overtone exercise manual 1.0

The Ultimate Practice Program Planner