Deep Dive Into Michael Brecker’s Outside Playing

How does Michael Brecker play such beautiful melodic lines when playing outside.
I check out several Michael Brecker approaches and give examples and exercises on how you can adapt his outside sound into your own playing.

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-Backdoor dominant, tritone substituted dominant and chromatic 3rd movement exercises and licks
-Learn And Add The Michael Brecker Sound To You Playing
+ all lesson examples are transposed to the Tenor, Alto and Concert keys.
+ All Licks and Exercises are available In All 12 Keys

In this tutorial
00:00 Deep Dive Into Michael Brecker’s Outside Playing
00:32 The Dorian Scale – Play II-V
01:49 Backdoor Dominant Bebop
02:26 Tritone Substituted Dominant
03:27 Chromatic 3rd lines
04:22 How Outside Can You Possible Play
05:23 Diatonic II-V
05:43 Legendary Tritone Line
06:34 Mixing Parallel Mediant Scales
07:02 Bebop Resolving To Three Chords
07:29 4th Intervals
07:53 How Michael Brecker Builds Jazz Lines
08:37 How To Add Michael Brecker’s Outside Ideas To Your Music
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