How Coltrane Took Chromatic Phrasing Beyond Bebop

Coltrane’s chromatic wisdom is something we all need to learn from.
The simplicity and at the same time intelligent and super direct way of using chromatic passing tones is a milestone in jazz which many after Coltrane have integrated in their own playing.
This video explains some of the principles.


50+ pages full exercises and licks
-bebop, major bebop, major bebop dominant scale exercises
-Coltrane inspired Chromatic lines and licks
-all exercises and licks are transposed to all 12 keys
+ all lesson examples are transposed to the Tenor, Alto and Concert keys.

In this tutorial
00:00 Coltrane – King Of Chromatic Licks
00:47 Bebop Chromatics like Coltrane
02:32 Chromatics Alters Chord Progression
03:06 Chromatics in Minor
04:11 Move the Timing
04:52 Chromatics between 3rds
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