How Coltrane Turn Target Notes Into Powerful Solos

Coltrane’s simple and powerful lines are a direct result of how Coltrane always plays directly into the target notes.
When digging deep into Coltrane playing you will discover he is playing the most simple lines, but very direct lines, which makes his playing extremely powerful.

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In this tutorial
00:00 How Coltrane Turn Target Notes Into Powerful Solos
01:21 Think Towards The Target Note
03:43 Full Scale Direct Approach
04:20 Hit The Right Chord Notes
05:38 Target Notes On A II-V-I
06:15 Don’t Mess Up The Chord Scale Relationship
07:01 Big Jumps Does Not Always Disrupt
07:54 The Magic 3rd Interval
08:57 Chromatic Cheating
09:35 The Turn
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