Master Dominants in Minor – 3 Solid Strategies

Some basic standard progressions are just more difficult to get a great sound out of. 
Choosing between different dominants when going to minor is a challenge you need to be up to.
You really need to get down the sound that secures your playing.
Here are 3 bullet proof strategies – how to sound great on dominants in minor.


50+ pages full exercises and licks
-Variations on dominant scale exercises
-II-V-I licks with various dominants resolving to minor
-all exercises and licks are transposed to all 12 keys
+ all lesson examples are transposed to the Tenor, Alto and Concert keys.

In this tutorial
00:00 Master Dominants in Minor – 3 Solid Strategies
00:15 The Key Change Challenge
00:55 Hear the Key change
02:35 Dominant alteration b9,b13
03:28 Altered Dominant to minor
04:11 Look for the special notes
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