You can’t learn Jazz without this – The Charlie Parkers Bebop Lesson

Charlie Parker is one of the fathers of jazz, as we know it.
I truly believe that if we study the material he played we get the most perfect start to jazz.
Let’s dig into Charlie Parker’s solo on Cool Blues

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-lots of blues solo etude composed in the jazz language of Charlie Parker
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In this tutorial
00:00 Why Charlie Parker Solos Are Epic
00:36 The Root Of The Chord Is Not Important
01:18 Charlie Parker Is The Blues
02:13 Lean Into The Upper Structures
02:57 Chromatic Parker
04:07 The Charlie Parker Major Chords 
04:34 The Essence Of Bebop – The Pivot
04:59 The Major Blues Scale
06:05 Backdoor Dominant Alterations
06:33 Chromatic Chords
07:13 Most Important – Articulation And Phrasing
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The 3 Techniques That Makes Charlie Parker A Genius

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My setup:
Tenor saxophone: Selmer MKVI 82xxx
mouthpiece is an old Otto Link Babbit – refaced from opening 6 to opening 8/8,5
Alto – The Martin Alto
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